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Frequently Asked

What exactly is a buddy?

A buddy is an informal mentor. Think of them as the elder sister or brother that you wish you had that would teach you all those tips and tricks and avoid making silly mistakes. It is often difficult to approach somebody you wish to seek guidance from. BuddyAmp presents you with those that actively want to help you learn from their experiences. Read more here.

Can I search for a buddy?

Yes. It is an online community and we encourage you to interact with others and find people that are willing to help and guide you.

I've found some buddies, what next?

That’s great! From here on, it’s all upto you. Start a conversation and learn from each other. Better yet, take some courses and learn together.

Can you meet up with your buddies?

That’s entirely upto you. While we strive to connect you to a community of people that want to learn and teach, you can consider conducting mentoring sessions if you’re local. However, as with all platforms, it is always a good idea to exercise precaution and run some intial sessions online.

What can I teach on here?

Anything. If you have experience or know-how about something, chances are there are many that want to learn but don’t know how to start or whom to ask. By making your time available, we can break down the barriers to connecting.

Can I also sell my content here?

Of course. You can opt in to sell your digital content such as notes, templates or anything you like. You can also sell your tutorials to others that would like to learn from you. See here for more inspiration.

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