The buddy system

Being and having a buddy is a crucial part of becoming self-sufficient.

What is a buddy?

A buddy is like a mentor or coach but without all the formality. Think of them as that elder sister or brother that has experienced what you are going through and can guide you so you don’t make the same mistakes. It’s like having all those unwritten tips and tricks at your fingertips.

The buddy system is quite popular in the workplace and one is usually assigned on your first day to help with your transition. BuddyAmp opens this system up to everybody, wherever they are.

Why have a buddy?

See the world through another's eyes

It’s all about starting conversations. It doesn’t matter where you are in the world, but speaking to a local is the best way to learn the intricacies of that place.

Expand your network

Find more people with similar interests and bond over something you are passionate about.

Explore other arts and culture

Curious about other cultures, their food or their languages? Find a buddy that can tell you all about it.

Grow your knowledge

Peer learning is the fastest way to learn a new skill and when you’re learning alongside somebody, you’re more likely to stay motivated.

Informal coaching and mentoring

Receive personal advice in an informal manner. Ask just about anything from an individual or group.

Have your voice heard

Share your thoughts about a topic and receive feedback and tips in confidence.

Some buddy examples

Work buddy

Find somebody that can share their work experiences. Your buddy can guide you with your work or even advise you on situations that you’re uncomfortable asking in your workplace.

Language buddy

Find somebody that can speak the local language. Your buddy can help you practice your lingual skills, your grammar and even mastering pronunciation.

Finance buddy

Find somebody that can give you insights on tips and tricks for better managing your finances. Your buddy can guide you on local tax matters and navigating banking services.

Fitness buddy

Find somebody to train and exercise with. Your buddy can help you with designing your fitness goals, stick to your nutrition and workout plans or even join in on a few sports activities.

Study buddy

Find somebody to study with. Just like a workout, your buddy can motivate you when you are learning together. Plus, it can be much more effective to revise in groups before an exam.

Buddy up!

Become a part of the buddy community and start learning and teaching today.

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