About us

We believe in being self-sufficient and live by the philosophy of “Don’t do it for me, but teach me how to do it”.

The BuddyAmp community does the same. Find somebody to show you how to do it, whatever it may be.

A focus on self-sufficiency

We all know that you can hire a contractor or freelancer to do just about anything for you. But what does that mean for your skill level? What does that mean for your level of dependency on others?

Learning how to do something from others is often more rewarding, builds confidence and your self-esteem. That’s why we created BuddyAmp. A place where you don’t have to ask anybody to do something for you, but rather show you how to do it.

Making learning accessible and social

We believe in education for all. It is quite easy to get stuck and sometimes you just need somebody to show you how to do it. Then you’re all set!

What better way than to learn socially with your peers and getting tailored tutorials just for you?

Start learning today

Find a buddy, start a conversation and become self-sufficient.

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