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Making learning accessible and social

We believe in education for all. It is quite easy to get stuck and sometimes you just need somebody to show you how to do it. Then you’re all set!

What better way than to learn socially with your peers and getting tailored tutorials just for you?

What’s inside?

Connect with a buddy

Find a buddy with mutual interests and start a conversation on anything.

Join a community

Be part of the wider buddy family and expand your social interests.

Learn tips & tricks

Let others share the secret tips and tricks from their experience.

Expand your research

You can’t fly everywhere. Why not talk to a local and gain more insights?

Sell your templates

Were you the go-to person for study notes & templates? Sell digital content.

Sell your training time

Provide free or paid training and tuition to proactive learners worldwide.

Provide tutorials

Share your skills and expertise through “how to” tutorials.

Take courses

Learn the skills you weren’t taught at School and University.

Join today

Start building your global buddy network.

How it works

The community

Join the community

Sign up to a social community of people wanting to learn from and share experiences with each other.

Find a buddy

Connect with somebody that has a mutual interest like your work, your studies, fitness, music, a game or even food.

Engage & share knowledge

Develop a wider network, plan virtual/in-person meetups, get some peer advice and share experiences. You can also take courses and learn together.

The marketplace

Establish your shop

Sign up to create your own virtual business right here within the community.

Sell your study notes or templates

Sell your digital content. This could be your study notes, templates, creative works, designs or even content write-ups.

Sell your tutorials

Do you like to create “how to” content? Sell your time and knowledge through tutorials and webinars to those looking to learn.

Join the community

Sign up to the community and start a conversation with your buddy anywhere in the world today.